Your pet means the world to you and their safety should be a constant priority, especially if they are left home alone when you go for work. With most domestic animal casualties in Australia occurring in the backyard, safety precautions such as glass and tubular pool fencing, screens, patio gates and colorbond fencing Perth residents opt for are becoming a frequent necessity.

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Tag & Train Your Pet

Most pets such as cats and dogs either have a tracker in their collar or implanted under their skin by veterinarians and can be located if lost via GPS. Whether you have a puppy or an adult pet, you should train it to understand the boundaries of your backyard as well as not to go out the front door without you or a family member present. Animals have a natural instinct to break free and proper training like you would do with a child, will make them understand that their home and backyard are safe zones.

Cover Electric Sockets

Electric sockets can be a death trap for young pets. You can purchase plastic socket covers from your local hardware store to ensure your pet does not lick, bite or try and stick its paws into the electric openings. Older pets steer clear of electric wires; however, you will have to train younger animals to stay away from electronics. You can purchase a deterrent spray online or at a pet shop which sometimes works as well.

Foolproof Your Backyard

If you have a swimming pool, trampoline, vegetable garden or woodwork shed, you may want to consider looking at barriers such as colorbond fencing in Perth to keep your pets and kids away from the dangerous areas. By installing colorbond fencing Perth firms provide, you can ensure that your pet will not drown or eat vegetables that may be harmful to their digestive systems. Trampolines are dangerous for children if they are not installed and bolted correctly and the same can be said for your pets. If you have a permanent play zone for the children that you would not want your pet to enter, consider a local company such as a Perth colorbond fencing installer to give you a quote and install the necessary protection. You may also need colorbond fencing Perth firms provide for tool sheds, gardening sheds, and woodwork areas because of poisonous materials and power tools that will be detrimental to your four-legged creature, who might want to play in such areas when you are not home.

Teach Your Kids

If you have a pet and young children at home, you must also teach your kids about your pet’s safety zones. As a family member, they need to be responsible for their pet’s well-being and knowledgeable enough to alert you or another family member if they see their pet playing in the pool or unsafe zones in the back yard.


Keeping your pet safe during the summer should be your utmost priority. Usually animals such as dogs are natural swimmers, however, they should never be left unattended if you do not have safety measures such as any best colorbond fencing in Perth. You can consider your options by visiting websites such as and ask your pet’s vet regarding more safety measures if necessary.

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