With the increased demand for vacant land and spiraling construction cost, availability of affordable homes is one of the challenging issues in Australia. However, with the introduction of unique portable granny flats Melbourne wide, now the availability of affordable homes has increased to a very large extent. In fact, in order to popularize the granny flats, the Government of Australia has made appropriate amendments to the State Environmental planning policy.

Portable Granny Flats Melbourne

Gaining popularity:

From the time the portable granny flats Melbourne wide were introduced in 2009, the demand for this housing has increased by about 260%. As a matter of fact, nearly 5000 granny flats are being sold every year and this underlines the potentiality of this affordable housing as a source of sound investment.

Higher return on investment:

As a matter of fact, traditionally portable granny flats Melbourne builders used were used as workers’ accommodation on construction sites. But, with appropriate modification, these flats are now being used as permanent residential units. The price of one bedroom granny flat is just Australian $23,400 depending on the facilities available in this wonderful flat. It is interesting to note these flats have a return on investment ranging from 15% to 25%.

Flat transported on a truck:

At par with the granny flat, you also find unique portable granny flats in Melbourne. These portable granny flats measuring about 13.75 square meters are transported on the trailer of a truck. You can fix the granny flat using a hammer and may be an electric drill. These are weather and waterproof accommodation options with all facilities including running water, solar panels and so on. The flats are available in different modules like a one-bed room, two bedrooms and so on. Depending on the type of flat you choose, the average cost of the flat is about Australian $65000. More information brand name: Van Homes

Make careful assessment:

The Melbourne Portable Granny Flats offer an excellent solution to resolve your housing problem, at least on a temporary basis. But, before investing your hard earned money on these granny flats you must carefully assess certain important aspects like the durability, security, quality, size, maintenance and of course, your budget. The granny flats do not require the approval of the local council. Therefore, you need not go through the lengthy procedures and extensive paper works to get the approval of the local council to get them.

Additional income:

The cheap Portable Granny Flats in Melbourne are also considered as an ideal accommodation option for aged parents, grown up kids and to provide extra space to the existing accommodation.  If you have enough space in the backyard, you can rent the granny flat and it would be a source of additional income for you. Now the design of granny flats is also customized to your specific requirements. In fact, the granny flats can also be added as a permanent addition to existing accommodation.

Considering the unique features and advantages, the granny flats can be the most ideal and affordable alternative to resolving the issue of housing and additional accommodation. But, a variability of the granny flat depends on the design and the quality of materials used. Therefore, it would be appropriate to buy the flats from reputed manufacturers like http://www.vanhomes.com.au/articles/portable-granny-flats-sydney-central-coast-melbourne/ because reputed manufacturers will not compromise on the quality.


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